Permit & Inspection Fees

No permit to begin work on new construction or any amendments to an existing permit or other building alterations will be issued until the fees presented in this schedule have been paid and requested permits have been approved by the building official. Unless otherwise indicated, fees for permits are based upon gross building area (GBA – total square footage area of each floor, including the basement and all exterior structures). The building official may assess other/additional fees upon review and approval of the permit application or plans or during construction due to changes in the permit status or plans.

Fees are charged for various types of building construction and alterations at the following rates (all fees are rounded to the nearest dollar):

Residential construction
New construction, industrialized buildings (modular homes), additions, alterations, renovations and repairs (includes attached and detached garages, any unfinished interior space, basements, carports and storage buildings). - $0.18 per sq. ft. Minimum $35 fee

Non-residential construction
New construction, additions, alterations, repairs. - $0.28 per sq. ft. Minimum $35

Structures where floor area does adequately reflect extent of construction. (i.e. towers, etc.) - $2.75 per $1,000 of estimated construction cost. Minimum $35

Manufactured housing
Single wide - $190 each
Double wide - $230 each
Triple wide - $300 each
Deck and porch - $115 each
Construction trailers - $50 each

Swimming pools
Above-ground - $75 each
In-ground - $115 each
Non-residential - $150 each

New or relocated signs, billboards or other display structures - $75 each

Trade Permits (Electrical)
Residential and non-residential - $0.03 per sq. ft. Minimum $35
Temporary electric or pole - $75 each
Upgrade residential service - $75 each
Upgrade non-residential service - $100 each

Trade Permits (Plumbing)
Residential and non-residential - $0.03 per sq. ft. minimum $35
Mechanical - $0.03 per sq. ft. minimum $35

Structures - $35 each
Underground tanks - $35 each

Temporary certificate of occupancy - $75 each
Re-inspection fee - $30 each
Local Board of Building Code Appeals - $175 each
Virginia State Levy - 2% of each fee charged
Technology fee - 2% of fees, minimum $10
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